Friday, November 27, 2009

Hunting Frocks and Hatchet Cases

I see them quite regularly at events. The caped, fringed frocks worn by riflemen and militia during the War. They were fairly prevalent, easy to make, durable and effective as an outer garment.

What's the problem you ask?

We didn't have them on this end of the frontier... Other than the rifle companies that journeyed North to fight under Washington and some Continental units that used them as impromptu regimentals, you shouldn't be wearing one if you re-enact a unit of the NY Frontier. Yet I see "milita" wearing them all over the place. Why? For the same reasons they were popular in the period. Except now you can add "it's close enough" to the list.

"...he has a rough case for his tomahawk with a button, and it hangs in a leathern sling down his side like a hanger, between his coat and waistcoat..."

I've been "working on" a case for my hatchet for months now. I finally got it done tonight. It's a light, efficient and comfortable way to carry my "Mohawk belt Ax". I got the idea from the above F&I era quote, fortified by a Mark Baker article and then was provided this pic of A. Henry's tomahawk case, ca. 1786:


I just greased it lightly with some deer tallow/beeswax and am letting it dry. Perhaps I will do a little incise decoration on it later on.

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