Saturday, March 6, 2010

Warning: RANT AHEAD!!!!

So I happen across a thread in a forum I frequent. Person asks how to attach a sling to their fowler.

One member tells him how to do it, and advises him that it wasn't very common to do so historically. Also points out that it may hurt retail value of said firelock if he decides to sell it in the future. Apparently the guy posing the questions feels this is "soapbox BS."

I wonder if he also walks around with a coyote skin hat and chrome leather pants screaming "I ARE A MOUNTAIN MAN!!!!"

This kinda shit pisses me off. Someone gives you a little advice (that they probably learned because they made the same mistake and don't want you to lose money too) and they are being elitist, snobby, etc.

You want to drill holes in your $1200 gun, go ahead, but don't get bent out of shape when you want to go to an event or join a group that says it's not up to their standards.


  1. I feel the same way. I'm no expert,but just common sense and "Cents" should tell a person that putting a sling on a firelock that doesn't normally have one not only is dangerous as it can damage the gun if done wrong,BUT it changes the gun!
    Your messing up the look of the firelock in my opinion,changing its intended original use and offering up the wrong interpretation of the piece. As far as offering up advice,all will listen,some will argue it,a few will use it.
    As for trying to help people,it is commendable,but to low foreheads and fat-asses,its "Pearls to Swine".
    Your a good dude Mario,dont let it bother you!

  2. I guess I'm still deeply embedded in the
    "egregious farb"category.My fowler not only sports a linen sling,but a F&I Brit fusil bayonet.........Willy

  3. Mario you have a lot of good comments here. I too have had the same problem, and I try to be so careful using "I" messages, I do this, I think that, I have even had to leave some forums because the abuse got too personal.
    If for one moment these guys misread you and think you are saying they are wrong, or that you are better than they are, it all hits the fan.
    I no longer comment on other peoples blogs if I see that they have made a mistake. Without even mentioning their site I simply counteract the misinformation by correcting it on my blog.

    I wish you were into a slightly earlier period Mario, but you have a lot of good stuff here so I will follow your postings.
    Regards, Le Loup.